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Another fantastic multiplayer game!

We had lots of fun. And the main screen / tutorial was a really nice touch.

Some ideas for possible improvements:
It was pretty difficult to aim. It seemed the bullet was a bit off to the side, it would be easier if it was shot from the middle of the character.
The truck was a fun addition, although they are a little dangerous and difficult to use as a game mechanic because it's too fast to follow and too easy to be squashed. I would love being able to hide behind :)
Also it would be cool to have a layer of strategy. Maybe something like winning by coloring the entire map, or scoring when your color is the dominant one (in this case each player could only be one color) while still keeping the combat aspect.

Anyway, congrats on your entry!

@latorril says she loves the clean and simple art!

Thank you so much for your feedback! We are really happy that you had fun :D !! We will look at the aim issue and I really loved the idea of making a player the winner if it paints all the map. Awesome suggestion. Regarding the truck, it was really difficult to get a good collider to work with it and we were really trying to make it possible to hide behind it. I'll see what I can do to make this mechanic feels better.