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We had so much fun! Thanks for this great entry.

The concept is cool, and the art is amazing :)

We only had a small issue with screen switching when we got closer to each other. It was difficult to switch back to split screen, and one of us could get stuck outside of the screen.

We'd love to see more, hope you plan to keep working on this game idea ;)

You don't know how much this comment means to us. Thank you for playing and having fun! :) 

We are aware of this bug, thank you for pointing that out. Right now we are completely destroyed from the jam, but we have a task list that we intent on finishing until next wednesday.

Your  games are awesome too! See you around and thank you for everything again :)

Have some rest! You deserve it for sure :)

Let us know when you update later, either here or on WGJ discord server.

Hi! We baked some new stuff and have a new update! Check it out :D