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I love it! However I'm getting a laggy response on Windows 7 Chrome (latest version). 
Any way to fix it?

I'll do my best to fix it as soon as I release a new version with more stages! =) 
I'm so glad you like it!

yaaaay, thank you! please let me know by a reply when you do so! :D :D :D

Hey Gabriel! What did you make this in?

All the assets were made in Illustrator and the coding on Construct 2 :)

It's great !

Is there really 25 lvls ?! (I only played until lvl 5 (which has a great work on the ambiance !! )

How did you manage to make so manyyy haha

there's some minor level design issues i think which makes the game a bit too difficult (the level 1 is already pretty hard and frustrating, but weirdly it gets better with the other levels so that's okay haha)

Pretty impressive anyway !! the music and art are so good !!

Hey Rando! :) Glad to hear you've enjoyed it!
There aren't 25 levels out yet, if you finished the fifth one you played it all. I was just following the overworld Benjamin drew.

Tell me the design issues, I'll try to fix them as soon as possible.

Thank you for the comment, your game also looks beautiful.

This is so awesome!! Will you be adding the other levels? It's so fun. I like it more than Mario. ;)

Hey, Lana! :) I'm uploading the latest update right now!  I have 4 stages and the overworld for now, working on the intro and on the battle royale against the terrifying Wizard of Mice, hahaha. Also implemented sound effects and music, check it out.

Oh my god, it's amazing!!! <3 You've inspired me to polish Evan's game more! :)

I'll send the link to Daniel at the hospital to make sure they are able to play it from their devices there.

I haven't seen yours! Show me when you update :)
Oh, just finished the last update now, I'm sorry but I could only deliver 5 playable levels and a very crappy ending screen :(
I hope Ben and his brother enjoy it. Thank you for organizing such an aweome event, see you around, Lana! 

Nice to meet you at the jam, the game turned out great!

Playing it on a tablet feels awesome :D 

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Oh really??? This is great to know! :) 

 I haven't played on my tablet yet.
Your game is also super cool,  very simple and elegant. 

Hope to see you on the next jam!